Sofar Sounds, Amsterdam

I very selfishly don’t want to tell you about Sofar Sounds. Each month, Sofar Sounds host secret living room concerts. The gigs are intimate and the musical acts are fantastic, so as you can imagine, the waiting lists are long! Unfortunately, the more people I tell about Sofar, the more people I have to fight for a spot on the guest list. So while it’s in my very best (selfish) interest not to tell you about Sofar, the concept is such a gem, I would feel guilty not reporting back on my new favorite Sunday evening activity.
IMG_6463If you like beer, making new friends, sitting cross-legged on a stranger’s floor, and rocking out to live music, I guarantee you will love Sofar Sounds too!

Some would say the magic has disappeared from live music. If you want to catch a popular musical act live, you’re often crammed into a large arena or stadium, straining to catch a glimpse of the show, jostled this way and that by a tall crowd. The worst is when you get a beer down your back or find yourself in the middle of a tween dance-off (seriously, do you want me to dance all up in your tweeny-bopper-pre-pubescent-space?! Because I will, and it won’t be pretty!) On the other end of the spectrum, you have the smaller, no-name acts, who work hard to fill a venue and maintain the crowd’s attention.

IMG_6453Sofar Sounds want to bring the magic back to music. They want you to look at the artist, and experience a stellar performance from five feet away.

IMG_6459Sofar’s genuine passion for live music is apparent in the set-up – venues are living rooms, acts are carefully curated musicians, and the crowd is small and intimate. It’s asked that there are no cell phones during the gig, and that participants stay to watch each talented musical act. Only a few dozen guests are invited to each event, but luckily, there’s a new secret concert each month.
IMG_6471 IMG_6454Last month was my first Sofar experience, and I was able to catch three talented musical acts live. Angelo BoltiniStranger Stranger, and Breaking Levees performed for a small crowd of 80 people, tucked away in a cute apartment by Rembrandt Park. IMG_6478As expected, the evening was intimate and lively, and by the end of the night my floor-neighbors were friends and I had three new favorite bands. IMG_6493IMG_6497 IMG_6502IMG_6485And here’s a short film I took of Breaking Leeves:

If you want to sign up for Sofar, head over to their site. They send out a monthly email calling for guests, and if you’re lucky enough, you could wind up on the list :)

Enjoy! xo Ali

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