Brick Lane Colors and Tacos, London

After the long holiday weekend, most Londoners returned to business. However, I had Tuesday off of work (three days in London is never enough!) and so I decided to roam the streets of East London with my camera, doing some vintage shopping and eating copious amounts of street food along the way.IMG_6660

Brick Lane got its name in the 15th century, when brick and tile were manufactured from local deposits. Today, Brick Lane is populated with a large Bangladeshi community and is THE place to go to in London for a mind blowing curry. The area is also world-famous for its graffiti. It’s clear to see that from the local shops, markets, and colors that Brick Lane is an art and fashion hotspot in London. 
IMG_6664With little on the day’s agenda (aside from catch a plane at 6.30pm) and bright blue skies, I decided to roam the streets. On Sunday, Madelien and I had ventured out around Brick Lane – the roads were flooded with people and the shops were bustling and cramped. Tuesday offered a quieter glimpse of Brick Lane, with many stores closed, an absence of street vendors, and no Sunday markets.
IMG_6666That said, I was able to photograph artwork without pausing for other tourists to walk by, I was able to wander into a Bangladeshi super market and take my merry sweet time, and I had first dibs on all of the changing rooms in the vintage shops.IMG_6654IMG_6661The thing I love the most about Brick Lane are the colors. Typically, the UK is dark and dreary. When the sun is out, it’s a treat. And when you’re walking down a street, surrounded by art and neon murals, there’s an added sense of sunshine regardless of the weather. IMG_6657IMG_6652After wandering for an hour or so, I popped into DF Mexico for a breakfast treat. I was super thirsty, and noticed that DF Mexico had an unlimited juice option on the menu. They also had slow cooked pork burritos, tacos, and tortillas, but really, I was mostly excited for the juice!IMG_6683IMG_6668IMG_6686IMG_6673For €2.30 you can sample their hibiscus, horchata, and lime & chia juices again and again. I tried one glass of each, and then started blending!IMG_6679IMG_6669Luckily, my burrito arrived before I could finish all of the juice in the shop. IMG_6692The burrito was slightly underwhelming . . . the American in me was screaming ‘it should be bigger!’ ‘it should come with chips!’ but that’s just because I went to university in Burlington, Vermont, and therefore ate at Moe’s more times than my cholesterol levels would have liked ;) However, what the burrito lacked in size it made up for in luster, and it tasted simply delicious! IMG_6691After five glasses of juice and a spicy chicken burrito, I hit the streets again to soak up a bit more sunshine. IMG_6693IMG_6702I ended my street art tour back on Madelien’s road, which in my opinion, rivals Brick Lane in color and artwork.IMG_6698IMG_6704 IMG_6699I want to apologize in advance, as I’m getting somewhat out-of-order with my London posts. I think I still have one or two more to go, but I was so excited about the street art on Brick Lane (and maybe a tad hungry looking at burrito photos) and therefore jumped ahead a bit :) So expect an England beach day and an Easter walk through Regent’s park still to come!

Until then. xo


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