Nat is one of my awesome UK girlfriends. I’ve told you about her previously, when we popped into Granger & Co and caught up over scrambled eggs and strong coffee. She’s a doll who has been a good a friend since we both worked at a summer camp in Maine, way back in the day! As she now lives in the UK, I wanted to squeeze in some Nat time on my most recent London trip. Turns out, Nat had a rental car for a few days over the long holiday weekend, so we booked in a mini road trip to the seaside.

When I go to London, I rarely escape. I love eating out, fancy cocktail bars, a billion shopping options, and of course soaking up as much friend time as humanly possible. I’ve never really ventured outside of London to see the likes of Windsor or St Albans, both of which are on my bucket list. This time around, Nat suggested we head over to Southend-on-Sea, an adorable seaside town in Essex, England. It’s a short drive east from central London, and boasts of the longest ‘leisure’ pier in the world. IMG_6604The sky was grey, which in my opinion only made the day more beautiful – I LOVE taking photos when the sky is overcast. Also, turns out there was a big motorcycle convention in the Southend that day, which meant lots of big burly men walking around in leather (and women too!) and loud motorbikes screaming in every direction. The sound of loud motorcycles reminds me of living in Boston as a kid, and so the afternoon was nostalgic as well as beautiful. IMG_6606 IMG_6603IMG_6618IMG_6632IMG_6612IMG_6631Nat and I strolled around, met up with a few of her friends, and then got some (very British) fish and chips for dinner.
IMG_6644IMG_6638IMG_6641It was a proper low-key day, which was a welcome change from the typical fast-paced London-life. Although we only spent the afternoon in Southend, I would definitely recommend Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner – the fish and chips were suburb and the staff were friendly and speedy.

xo Ali

4 Replies to “Southend-on-Sea”

  1. I Love your Blog Ali, beautiful photos and inspiring words. It is always a pleasure to read. A wonderful trip xx


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