Museumplein is Under Water, Amsterdam

Last night I got a text from my friend Jess at 11:45pm that read, “Meet me in Museumplein in 5 minutes.” It was late and I was already in my pajamas, but Jess and I often hang out at unconventional times (Sunday night cups of tea at 10.30pm are kind of our thing), and to be honest, I didn’t have much else on my Tuesday late-night agenda other than sleep. So I threw on my Chucks and grabbed my camera, intent on photographing the cute Miffy Bunnies currently residing in Museumplein. Little did I know, something a way more photo-worthy was in store. As I rolled up to the Rijks, the sky was illuminated by a blanket of blue.
IMG_7299I called Jess right away, wondering where she was and what the heck was going on! Apparently, the Rijks has just purchased a new painting, titled ‘De doorbraak van de Sint-Anthonisdijk bij Amsterdam’ which roughly translates to ‘The breakthrough of St. Anthonis Dike in Amsterdam’ which was created by 17th century painter Jan Asselijn.IMG_7260The installation is intended to simulate what the water levels would be like in Amsterdam, had the Dutch not intervened with locks and dikes. IMG_7253Blue fog was projected into the square, illuminated by brightly shining blue lasers. IMG_7250Standing under the blank of blue, I felt like a giant. The fog created a cloud-like appearance that ebbed and rolled only feet above our heads. IMG_7299The experience was surreal. output_SBpMGLIMG_7306IMG_7305output_L8EiUZ
The installation went up last night, and tonight there will be a second showing. You can catch the lights between 10pm and midnight. It’s one of the most unique experiences I’ve had in Amsterdam in a while, and I highly recommend a visit!IMG_7333

xo Ali

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