Game of Thrones Exhibit, Amsterdam

Four years ago, I read a fantastic book series by George R.R. Martin. I was immediately enthralled with the characters, the fictitious lands, and the juicy plot lines. I started scouring online forums for spoilers, theories, and other fan fiction. To say I was a Game of Thrones geek would be an absolute understatement. I was Daenerys Targaryen, Robb Stark, or Cersei Lannister, pending the day and my mood. Never did I imagine I would get to see some of my favorite characters come to life on HBO.

At first I resisted watching the TV series. I’d read the books and didn’t want to fumble through inaccurate plot lines and poorly portrayed characters. But come the third season, I could’t resist. I didn’t have to backtrack, because, hey, I’d read the books! And George R.R. Martin had made it abundantly clear that The Winds of Winter (the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series) would not be coming out for quite some time, so I needed a Game of Thrones fix in between reads. Truth be told, HBO did not disappoint. The acting is superb, the costumes and set designs are mind blowing, and the plot lines are equally alive. So when HBO asked if I wanted to attend the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Amsterdam, my answer was not ‘yes’, it was ‘HELLLLS YES!’

IMG_7929The Game of Thrones Exhibition is an international, traveling event, featuring costumes, props, and interactive installation.IMG_7922I was invited on a special press day, and was therefore able to avoid the cues, and treated to a an intimate exhibition tour. Am I a huge nerd for keeping my press pass?IMG_7913The exhibition provided a unique look behind the scenes, with over 70 props and costumes on display.

White Walkers came to life, both physically and digitally. IMG_7932The first interactive installation I visited was a White Walker simulator, where a green screen was used to transform my image into a frosty White Walker.    IMG_7923Don’t I make for a pretty White Walker?426fd6cad8824fb9af642189a6f32e83I loved looking at the wardrobe collections, which featured beautifully crafted armor, dresses, jackets, and jewelry.IMG_7961IMG_7946IMG_7927After winding through rows of dragon models, swords, whips, daggers, and banners of noble families, I jumped in front of another green screen to be transformed.IMG_7953However, this time, instead of turning into a White Walker, I would be disintegrated by a dragon. Funtimes! Check out my superb acting skills in the film below ;)

IMG_7941In addition to myself, many other Game of Thrones characters have died. There was a large wall honoring those who had fallen on the show, and some interesting funeral props on display.IMG_7973IMG_7949Despite the many interactive installations, my favorite part of the day was getting to sit on the Iron Throne. IMG_7970I was admittedly under dressed for the honor (who wears sneakers on the Iron Throne?!) I should have been wearing this stunning, cleavage baring number! v v  
IMG_7939While there were many other exciting installations to explore, the most immersive piece of the exhibit was brought to life through Oculus Rift technology. We had an Oculus Rift installation in the office a few months back, so while I am accustomed to watching a virtual world appear around me, I have never experienced such a life-like, Game of Thrones adventure.

IMG_7966If you’re a Game of Thrones geek like me, this is one traveling show you will not want to miss. Amsterdam was one of the last stops on the tour, but be sure to check out the Game of Thrones Exhibition website for upcoming tour dates around the world. More info here.

xo Ali

10 Replies to “Game of Thrones Exhibit, Amsterdam”

  1. Fantastic..I too am a huge fan and like you have read the books. The T.V. series doesn’t disappoint one bit :-)


  2. The video💓💓 You definitely are quite a fan. Have just watched the first season till now, and found the dialogues pretty intense. But of course, someone who has read the book sets different standards- often impossible, for the director. But the series is very well made in spite of that reality. Was hooked to LOTR as a child and found the movie series epic, so I can relate how enthralled you might be.

    Plan to visit the sites in New Zealand soon :)

    PS-adore your appetite for… Life.


  3. Wow! I am jealous. I read the books years before the show too but haven’t watched yet. I’m afraid the show will disappoint. Very cool exhibition though, thanks for sharing!

    Oh and your acting was spot on. :D


    1. I was nervous about the same thing – but the show is very well put together, from the acting to the set design, so while it might not be EXACTLY as you’ve imagined it, it’s still super fun to see someone else’s vision in bringing that to life! :)

      Liked by 1 person

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