Little Collins, Amsterdam

Little Collins is my favorite brunch spot in Amsterdam. Instead of sporting your typical pancakes and bacon, their menu features a delicious range, from traditional to trendy, with items such as thick, homemade sausages and mouth-watering sweet and sour pork belly. Their meals are hearty, filling, and quite honestly, served by some of the nicest wait staff in Amsterdam.IMG_7024 Little Collins is located a block from my flat in de Pijp, so I end up sipping mimosas on their terrace in the sun at least once a month (twice if we’re being honest). I’ve never blogged about Little Collins before, because they’re such a ‘usual’ on my brunch-list. In my mind, they’re a delicious and reliable Sunday spot – not a new and newsworthy experience to share. But my blasé perception of Little Collins is incorrect, as they truly do serve some of the best brunch food in Amsterdam.IMG_7009In fact, Little Collins was the first restaurant I introduced my mom to on her recent visit. I had the week off of work, and was eager to explore the city with my mom on a weekday. I’ve never taken time off of work simply to enjoy Amsterdam (I’m a serial travel bug) so going to all of my favorite spots, and not having to plow past hurried weekend shoppers or wait for seating amongst all the other hungry diners was a real treat. We got to Little Collins around 10am, and settled into our seats with some fresh ginger tea. IMG_7006The restaurant is inspired by the Australian city, Melbourne (in other Melbourne news, check out the cutest baby hippo ever!) but features drinks and dishes from around the world. IMG_7004Their brunch menu has actually changed quite a bit recently, and now features dishes such as Stan’s homemade sausage, sticky pork belly, a delicious warm vegetable salad, and caramelized banana toast.The new menu is a tad more creative, and reliably delicious.IMG_7013This time around, my mom went for the salad (I experienced a bout of envy when this green beauty was placed on the table) and I opted for The Shouk which consisted of poached eggs, lemon ricotta, pita bread, roasted tomatoes and peppers, and baba ganoush. IMG_7011My mom’s salad tasted divine, and had just enough crumbly feta cheese and barley to be filling, while still tasting super fresh. She compared it to one of the homemade ‘to-go’ salads you would get at Trader Joe’s in the US. My meal was also great, but could have used some brown rice or couscous, as there were a lot of soft and pureed textured ingredients on the plate, and only one small pita for dipping! But of course, it all tasted fantastic, and I am happy to say I have almost worked my way through the entire new menu (Stan’s sausage remain my favorite!!)
IMG_7016If you’re interested in a visit to Little Collins (which I strongly recommend!) you can find their website hereIMG_7021The kitchen is open from Wednesday till Sunday (so don’t walk all the way over on a Monday or Tuesday!) and on some days they even serve dinner :)

You can find them at 1e Sweelinckstraat 19-F, 1073 CL Amsterdam and their number is 020 6732293. Bon appetit!

xo Ali

4 Replies to “Little Collins, Amsterdam”

  1. I’ve been reading about Amsterdam (on your blogspace of course) for quite sometime now. But over the years, it seems like it will be impossible for a visitor to cover so many places in the city-in a single trip that is. Though there is some time before I actually visit but am going to request for a “top 10 things to do/places to be in Amsterdam” type of post then. Would be great for the starters ;)

    Haven’t even heard of the dishes 😂 but of course, there is little I have heard. Looks even more delicious thanks to your 📷 :)


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