Vintage Kiloshop in de Pijp, Amsterdam

The past 10 days have been a total whirlwind. Friday the 12th was my (amazing, cool, super sweet) friend Kira’s birthday. It was a hot night, and so we ate popsicles and danced outside until it was dark, and then danced some more inside until the sun came back a few hours later. I love summertime in Amsterdam, and how many lucky hours of sunlight we get here! I had a super early 6am flight Saturday, and made it home from the birthday-dance party just in time to catch a 4am cab to the airport. I would rather dance all night than sleep for only 4 hours. The feeling of waking up with only a half-night’s sleep makes me sick to my stomach. Thankfully, I was able to recovered from my all-nighter with a solid nap on the plane, followed by a second bus-doze. After 6 hours of nap-traveling (while others drank beers and did fun awake things), the entire Sid Lee Amsterdam team arrived at St Tropez in France. I’ve been to the south of France for holiday before (read here, here, and here), and truly believe it’s one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe. The Sid Lee crew spent the entire weekend, all of Monday, and half of Tuesday out of the office, soaking up the sun, eating seafood, and relaxing on the beach. I have ample St Tropez photos to come (perhaps the first double-post of this summer!?) but let’s stick to the ‘busy’ storyline for one more minute. Upon our return, work was insane. Although we only had 3.5 days in the office, there were 5 days worth of work to be done. By the time Friday arrived, I felt physically and mentally exhausted, and fell into bed early after a lavish Chinese dinner (I can never resist a good Nam Kee session) Then this past weekend I went camping in Belgium (probably no blog post on this as I illegally camped in a national park – ha!) and now Monday has come and gone and I’m taking a moment to pause, thinking . . . *wow* where has June gone?!

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to the past few days, hence being light on the blogging. But now, let’s get to the meat of this post! A few weeks ago, I noticed an adorable new vintage shop on my street, and so I took it upon myself to investigate. IMG_6390Kiloshop Amsterdam is a new(ish) ‘vintage by the kilo’ shop in de Pijp that not only sells vintage clothing, but also has a beautiful indoor hang-space where you can sip coffee and eat croissants in a bath of natural sunlight. IMG_6395The space is groovy and cool – akin to your older sister’s closer (I don’t have an older sister, so I’m guessing here) with hats from the 70’s, lightly worn Burberry jackets (which I bought, check out this post!) and countless vintage fabrics, buttons, shirts, and skirts.IMG_6369IMG_6383I did a quick roam through the shop, tried on various blouses, vests, and slacks, and then selected my favorites, which amounted to about 1/3 of my paycheck ;)IMG_6373The best part is that items are not priced individually – everything is sold by the kilo, so you don’t actually know how much you’re going to spend till you’re at the register (guilt free shopping? Yes please!) All of the prices are quite reasonable, and I picked up my Burberry jacket for a mere €35. Items of higher value are slightly more per kilo, but there are also some awesome steals – think €10 for an adorable summer dress.IMG_6387It’s worth popping in every other week to check out the new stock, and if you’re not in de Pijp, you can always check out their second location in Waterlooplein. It’s a great shop for a coffee or a shop, and *bonus* they’re open on Sunday!IMG_6368Their Facebook page is here, check it out for their opening times and addresses. Happy vintaging :)

xo Ali

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