St. Tropez, Part 3

Hi blog friends! It’s been a while since my last check-in. I hopped across the pond last week to spend some time in Maine with the family, and of course came down with a pretty bad cold the second I was off the plane and under my mom’s watchful eye. So I’ve been alternating between trying to be on holiday and trying to sleep off this nasty cold, which took up a good chunk of time! Now, I’m finally back in action (wooo), and I have some fun USA posts to share – but before I do, let’s finish up St. Tropez!IMG_7513Our last day in St. Tropez was spent at the beach. After a quick breakfast on the terrace at the hotel . . . IMG_7490IMG_7488IMG_7491. . . . we enjoyed a little dip in the pool.IMG_7441After filling up and cooling down, we hit to the ocean. IMG_8345Before holiday I got a new Eastpak set, and snapped a quick photo to show you what was stuffed in my travel bag.
IMG_7656My Eastpak bags (backpack and hand luggage) are from They have a ton of cute travel sets, including this classic Sunday Grey and this adorable Little Dot roller. Some of the Eastpak trollies are actually on sale right now – check it out here.

In addition to my Eastpak, there are a few other travel essentials I’m currently crushing over.

Adidas Superstars * Dooney & Bourke Floral Purses * FrankieDuck Umbrella

Now, back to the adventure! Once at the beach, we plopped ourselves down at a white, airy seaside club, and didn’t move for a good six hours.  IMG_7513IMG_7517IMG_7508 IMG_7503We had salads on the terrace for lunch, and enjoyed massages on the beach. IMG_7500IMG_7522IMG_7531IMG_7509IMG-20150615-WA0005

It’s been two years since my last trip to the South of France, and I honestly cannot wait to go back again. The water is crystal clear, the weather is amazing, and the food is out of this world. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots to visit in Europe :)

xo Ali


///PS. Check out this post in Dutch here.

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