Cirque Éloize, Amsterdam

Last week I was invited to the press opening of iD, Jeannot Painchaud’s fabulous Cirque Éloize extravaganza. The show is a mix of circus arts and urban dance, brought to life by a talented and energetic cast. IMG_7754The show was at The Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam, which was actually built in 1887 to be a full-time circus building!IMG_7662The theater now houses plays and musicals, but acrobats and tightrope walkers are still part of the theatre’s regular programming.IMG_7663We were ushered into a large, red seating area, and asked to sit wherever we fancied.IMG_7680IMG_7674We put our belongings down in the front row, and were then treated to a sneak peek back stage. The energy was buzzing, while the cast conducted final preparations and the crew scurried around, readying the set. IMG_7672Shortly after we returned to our seats and the show began. IMG_7701I’ve been to a Cirque du Soleil show in the past, and therefore knew to expect a new-era of circus arts. iD featured a rainbow of acrobats, cyclists, jugglers, and gymnasts – men who slung tennis balls by the dozen at walls, twirling and dancing in between, others who bounced on trampolines, running vertically up and down a shifting cityscape. IMG_7765IMG_7780The costumes were bright and lively, and the music, which featured mostly hip-hop, was upbeat and vibrant, inviting the audience to clap and sing along. IMG_7754 IMG_7737You can find the ID tour calendar here – the show is in Amsterdam for a few more days, before heading to Foxwoods in the US (which I’ve actually blogged about in the past!!!) I would highly recommend a visit to see iD – it is a modern-day circus, filled with colorful energy and delight. You can find out more about the show here.

xo ALi


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