Summer in Maine, USA

As I’ve blogged about visiting Maine many, many times before (see here, here, here, and here – just to name a few!) I was less vigilant about whipping out my camera for the sole purpose of blogging this time around. I snapped a few photos here and there, but mainly to remember the moment or capture a smile – as most photographers would :) And so while I don’t have specific reviews or recommendations to post, I do have a great collection of Maine memories to share from this summer. IMG_8126From a photographic perspective, the highlight of the trip was getting to spend lots of time in Portland, Maine, which is a quick 15 minute drive from my parent’s country house. Portland is the biggest city in Maine, and (although I’m totally biased) it’s also one of the most beautiful. The small, harbor city is set on a hill and boasts of cobblestone streets, long wharfs, red brick buildings, and deep-blue ocean views.IMG_8406With about 230 restaurants, Portland, Maine is believed to have more restaurants per capita than any other city in the US. The city is home to a number of microbreweries, dozens of local seafood haunts, and several award-winning restaurants. Although small and humble, Portland is a nationally recognized hub of cuisine. And so while home, I eat. And eat and eat and eat! IMG_8399J’s Oysters (I’ve blogged about them before here) is one of my favorite seafood stops in Portland. They have a large oyster bar, waterfront seating, and some of the best lobster chowder in town.IMG_8425On this particular day, Katie (my Maine bestie) and I drank a few beers at her aunt’s pool in the Cape (check out their beautiful setup here) and then drove into Portland for oysters and bloody marys in the sun. IMG_8422Another waterfront favorite of mine in downtown Portland is the Porthole. The Porthole is a relaxed pub with a large, waterfront deck. They have daily drink specials, very *Maine* menu items (lobster omelettes, lobster nachos, steamers, fish tacos, etc) and a great live entertainment lineup all summer long.IMG_8190In typical Sunday fashion, we decided to head out to Reggae Fest on Peaks Island for some live music and dancing in the sun (I’m such a broken record as, hey, did that last summer too!) Beforehand, we stopped at the Porthole for brunch, which is right next door to the Peaks Island ferry. 
IMG_8104The deck is large, with ample seating and beautiful waterfront vistas. IMG_8100IMG_8101IMG_8097I went for an extra spicy bloody mary and the homemade corned beef hash, which was great, but was served with a side of potato fries, which I found odd (potatoes with your potatoes, anyone?!)IMG_8092IMG_8105We enjoyed a few more beers in the sun while we waited for the next ferry, but while we drank on the patio, we noticed a large amount of people gathering at the end of the dock. Not long after, a funky cover band began to play on board the Casablanca, a large waterfront ship, and the crowd slowly began to climb on board. Fast forward 30 minutes, and instead of heading over to Peaks Island, we were onboard the Casablanca, cruising through Casco Bay, listening to JB5 groove on board. I love my spontaneous friends!! IMG_8134And so we were able to tour Portland’s stunning bay, listen to music, and dance in the sun, all afternoon. IMG_8145IMG_8147IMG_8165IMG_8157v v Best friend tattoos! I feel lame for saying this, but I cannot get enough of fake tattoos this summer. Clearly channeling my 11-year-old (loser) self. 
IMG_8141IMG_8139IMG_8114 IMG_8132IMG_8126IMG_8117IMG_8124IMG_8175After hours of dancing, we pulled back into town as the sun was setting, slightly sunburnt and totally tipsy :)IMG_8169IMG_8185This is my parent’s cat Althea. She’s such a sweetheart, and was just a tiny kitten the last time I was home. She’s getting so big now! v vIMG_7905But she still has that cute, ‘kiss me’ kitten face. IMG_7911This is my Dad’s toy car. He typically drives a big truck (which is mandatory in Maine during the snowy winter months), but he bought the Firebird long before he met my mom, and it tends to make an appearance when the weather is nice and the roads are clear in the summer. v vIMG_8368These next photos are from the 4th of July at my Grandparent’s house. They live on Little Sebago Lake, and this year we celebrated the 4th with lots of family, sangria, and fireworks.IMG_8029IMG_7927This is my all-time favorite photo. My grandma wanted a photo with all of her grandchildren, and when she walked over to join us, we scooped her up for the photo opportunity! v vIMG_7933IMG_8010 Couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the sand-turtle! v vIMG_8019These next photos were taken at sunset from my grandparent’s boat. After dinner we always go for a sunset boat ride, to enjoy the lake views and the beautiful sky. IMG_8508This spider hitched a ride on the back of the boat, and so I snapped a pic which came out creepy-cool. v v IMG_8432IMG_8449Loons swimming on the lake. Their call is an eerie and nostalgic signifier of summertime in Maine. v vIMG_8482IMG_8444IMG_8465IMG_8498The rocky coast in Cape Elizabeth. v v
IMG_8376These last few snaps are actually from an evening in New Hampshire. On my last night in town, my Mom, Dad, sister, and I went down to Hampton Beach to catch the fireworks. We had dinner at Brown’s (one of my mom’s seafood favorites) before watching the sunset and the fireworks on the beach.IMG_8656IMG_8653IMG_8675IMG_8707And that’s it from Maine this year!! It was a great, relaxing trip and I’m already looking forward to the next one :)

What are your favorite summer traditions?

xo Ali

10 Replies to “Summer in Maine, USA”

  1. Feast for the eyes, actually… You look so happy, especially when you are home. But of course, work occupies a large part of life and there isn’t much one can do about it. Just saying…

    Althea’s pictures is my favorite of the lot though. Am a cat-man myself, thanks to my closest friend (now expecting a baby any day- can’t help talking about it) who probably bit me without permission 😂😂

    By the way, my sister has joined the MBA program at Wharton this month. So, maybe when I visit her, I can take a detour and get to check out the restaurants you talk about 😉. Have quite an elaborate guide for the area, thanks to you :)


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