Baked Garlic Parmesan Egg Bowls

Funny story – I took the photos for this post about a month ago. I had to cook breakfast for my coworkers, and wanted to make something that could be prepared and baked in under 30mins (waking up extra early for work is not my forte!) I made these cheesy broccoli and egg boats a while back and they were a huge hit, and so I started experimenting with other egg-in-bread breakfast creations I could cook up for my office. I’d already developed a scrambled egg bread bowl, and wanted something new with lots of cheese, lots of flavour, and a runny yolk. And thus, in early August, baked garlic parmesan egg bowls were born – soft bread rolls, baked in the oven, hollowed out and filled with lots of cheese, flavor, and a whole egg to boot. IMG_9036BUT THEN!!! This morning, as I was finally getting around to editing the photos for this post (I’m a bit behind with all my Maine posts) I saw THIS on Facebook. UM?! WHAT? Did BuzzFeed hack into my computer and steal my intellectual property? Probably not, but I was still shocked at how I’d thought I’d invented something deliciously cool, and then BAM, BuzzFeed is doing almost the same thing. Anyways, that just means this recipe is super legit and yummy, right? Baking breakfast and brunch in the oven is super trendy right now, as it allows for more time spent with guests, faster clean up, and typically, fewer man hours required during the cooking process. So let’s get down to it and deconstruct these scrumptious, cheesy breakfast bread bowls.IMG_8916First, you’re going to need a few ingredients. I recommend making two egg bowls per person, unless you’re serving your eggs alongside a smörgåsbord of fruits, bacon, vegetables, and sausages. Let’s assume you’re serving solo. For 2 people, you will need:

4x Eggs

4x Fluffy bread rolls

1x Small brick of parmesan

1x Bunch of spring onion (you could also use chives)

2x Cloves of chopped garlic

A bit of olive oil, black pepper, and salt.

You’ll also need a baking pan, a sharp knife, and a cutting board. Preheat your oven to 350° F and you’re ready to rock and roll (haha pun!)

IMG_8906Start by hollowing out your bread rolls. Unlike the BuzFeed video, I recommend cutting in a circle around the top of the roll, so the edges remain high and there’s actually a lip at the top that curves over – this will hold more cheese, more egg, and overall, more deliciousness! Once you’ve cut in a circle, lift off the top and set aside (you can use this for dipping later!) Use your fingers to pull out any excess dough from inside the roll. IMG_8935Hollow out all your rolls . . . IMG_8949. . . and then sprinkle your cheese and garlic inside. IMG_8975Crack one egg into each roll.IMG_8979And then sprinkle some more parmesan, salt, pepper, and chopped spring onion on top. IMG_9048Transfer your cheesy egg rolls to a baking sheet, drizzle them with olive oil, and pop them in the oven. You can also put the bread tops on the pan and bake for dipping later.IMG_9036They’ll need to bake for about 15 minutes, or until the egg white is no longer clear. IMG_9112_1Serve alongside some avocado, bacon, or fruit salad. And here’s a Pin if you’d like to save the recipe:
Egg BowlsI’m baking these for my coworkers on Monday, so I’ll let you know how they go down :) If you give the recipe a shot, let me know. Would love to hear how they come out!

xo Ali


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