Road Trip to Antwerp, Belgium

Road trip, road trip, ‘bout to go on that road trip!! >> This sentence was totally inspired by our latest commercial, which features Rebel Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key – it is way too catchy for my mental health (you can check it out here – I can’t stop singing!!) In timely fashion, the beau and I also decided to embark on our own long weekend road trip down to Belgium . . . cue road trip theme song!! IMG_5735 copyAs mentioned in my last post, our first stop was in Lisse where we roamed the stunning tulip fields, but as with all great road trips, there were of course multiple stops along the way :) After frolicking through fields of flowers for a few hours, we decided to hit the beach for lunch. The day was HOT, and the heat wave had us excited to sip Raddlers and dip our toes in the sea. We didn’t route out our beach trip out ahead of time, but instead just drove west, and somehow landed at the beautiful Noordwijk aan Zee. We hit up the first seaside restaurant we came across (which was De Koele Costa), kicked off our shoes, and ordered some frosty beverages and a feast to share. It was my first official beach day of the season, and a very hot one at that! We went for a long walk on the beach, and honestly could have laid in the sun all day, but as we had a hotel reservation in Belgium to get to, we hit the road once again.We’d booked into Novotel Antwerpen, which was only €100 per night (€75 with my work discount!) and had a pool. It was slightly outside of town, but we were happy to pay for cabs in and out-of-town as it meant we could cool off in the pool *spoiler alert* the pool was closed :( And it was by far the hottest week of the year!! So that was a total bummer and I definitely wouldn’t recommend a stay at Novotel otherwise . . . no where near the city center and the facilities are quite sub par. That said, we didn’t spend much time in the hotel – we roamed the streets of Antwerp and drank Belgium beers. Have you ever had a thick quadrupel beer?! Go to Billy’s and order one next time you’re in town – it tastes like an alcoholic whisky shake! Beer aside, we had huge baskets of fresh bread for breakfast, we explored stone castles, watched odd Belgian jam bands in cafes, and enjoyed the city sun. And of course, on our way back up to Amsterdam later that weekend, we stopped at the beach again, enjoying pizza at Scheveningen (a great half-way point beach) as the sun set.IMG_5684IMG_5655IMG_5651IMG_5661IMG_5671output_H52K1MIMG_5672IMG_5665IMG_5702IMG_1745IMG_5686IMG_5735 copyIMG_5704IMG_5699IMG_5725IMG_5732IMG_5721 IMG_5716IMG_5712output_wJ4nLaIMG_5734IMG_5740 IMG_5752IMG_5755 IMG_5753IMG_5743IMG_5749 IMG_5763output_6OALsc^ Kai’s favorite game to play involves dashing in front of my camera just as I am about to take a photo. . . . IMG_5770IMG_5705

IMG_5771CathedralwowIMG_5781IMG_5790IMG_5788IMG_5793Road trip, road trip, ’bout to go on that road trip! 

xo Ali

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