Hiking in Morzine, France

Morzine is a traditional market-town nestled in the French Apls. The little village is strung with chalets that run through the center and then high up into the adjacent mountains. In the winter, Morzine is a skier’s paradise, and in the summer, it’s a desolate haven, filled with colorful flowers, restaurants that rarely fill up, and cool shady streets. The mountains are speckled with local kids playing football, and the far and few who do come to the area in the off-season to mountain bike, hike, or cave.While I have some pretty photos to share, I don’t have much to tell you about Morzine. Sometimes you go on a vacation and the destination is so foreign and exciting, you simply MUST sample all of the local cuisine, fully embrace the nightlife, shop to your heart’s content, and wander all of the major landmarks endlessly until you feel you’ve truly consumed the place. Well, going to Morzine was kind of the opposite. I tagged along with Kai and his friends, we stayed in a cute little Lincoln-Log-like condo at the base of the mountains, and just chilled. We had breakfast and lunch at home, we climbed the hills, we went swimming, we took adequate beer breaks, and we walked through the little town of Morzine.  Other than that, it was pretty freakin’ chill, with late night sing-alongs in the kitchen (you think I’m kidding but you haven’t seen Kai and his friends sing One Direction) and slow mornings over big breakfast spreads before going out to explore for the day. It was the perfect relaxing vacation, at just the right pace.

We kicked every day off with a big family-style meal of eggs, meat, cheese, and bread. Sometimes vegetables made an appearance. . . and sometimes there were pancakes :)
On day one, we went on a long hike. The weather was a bit cloudy, although we lucked out with no rain! We strategically planned to spend the overcast day up in the mountains, and the sunny days down at the beach. The burger boys of course had to pose in front of Morzine’s Burger Place.
The city center was adorable, with traditional Alpine stye homes, small cafes, ice cream shops, and restaurants that ranged from classic French to diner-style American. We began our hike from the center, and were soon high up in the clouds. ^ ^ I’ve never really seen horses taking naps like this before!!

After hiking up and down, past farm animals and endless fields of wild flowers, we’d worked up quite an appetite! The cure? An all you can eat fondue feast! While day one was spent in the mountains, day two was spent basking down below in the valleys. The sun was out full force, so we drove to a nearby lake and laid in the sun until we fired up the BBQ later in the evening for dinner. To our right: a mountain.To our left: a mountain! On day three, we continued the tradition of gorging ourselves before setting out for the day’s adventures. While the others stayed behind in Morzine, Kai and I decided to fly home from Geneva, stopping at the lake for a swim on our way to the airport. We drove along very scary winding mountain roads, before finally reaching Geneva. The lake was FREEZING cold, but we knew we’d both regret it if we didn’t go for a swim. And once we were in, we didn’t want to get out! Right before we reached the city, we passed a large field of tall sunflowers. Cue adorable Swiss photo opportunity! After our sun flower photo shoot, we spent a few hours in the city, but to be honest, while Geneva was cute, it’s one of the few European cities I don’t have a burning desire to go back to. It was very cosmopolitan, but lacking the fairytale charm I tend to fall in love with in European cities.  And so after a very relaxing weekend, we flew up up and away . . . over the lake . . .  . . . over the fields . . . . . . .and high up above the mountains.With so much work travel and go-go-go vacations, I need to remember to book more trips like Morzine. The kind of getaways that fuel the soul and relax the mind.

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