Amalfi, Italy

I hope you’re not getting sick of beautiful Italian seaside photos yet, because I have one final Amalfi installment for you! Having spent some time exploring Positano and Capri, my cousin, mom, godmother and I decided it was time to visit the coast’s namesake town and cruise over to Amalfi for an afternoon.We woke up bright and early in Positano, and slowly made our way down to the harbor for breakfast and to catch the ferry.From our apartment, the walk down to the harbor took about 30 minutes and consisted of thousands of steps, and while there was a bus which was much easier on the legs, going by foot was by far the best way to take in the scenery and welcome a new day! Looking back at these photos, I can’t believe how bright and brilliant the sun was on every day of our trip. We really lucked out with the weather, and were able to spend our days bare legs and jacket free, which was quite the treat in May!Each morning I took a new path to the harbor, discovering new shops, streets, and vistas along the way. As the church came into view, I knew I was almost there – which meant there were only about 600 or so more steps to go . . .
 . . . which are hard to hate on when they are so pretty! With so much pasta, pizza and bread for lunch and dinner (who can say no to the warm Italian bread basket on the table with fresh pressed olive oil?!) I usually opted for a lighter breakfast.As the rest of the ladies were taking the bus down to the waterfront, I found a shady terrace along the beach that had green juice on the menu – just what my body needed after all of the carbs!Once the ladies arrived, we had another round of juices together, and then went to catch the ferry to Amalfi. We had booked our ferry tickets the day before, ensuring we had a spot on the boat. Once on board, a stewardess walked around selling beer and prosecco, which is always a good idea when you’re on vacation :)I think I mentioned this in my last post, but my favorite part of every boat ride was pulling away from Positano – the colorful pastel houses carved into the cliffs were truly spectacular, and I couldn’t help but snap a new photo every 100 feet.The ferry ride was only €12 and was about 20 minutes, which was a tad more costly than the bus but half the time (and there’s prosecco on the ferry, so take the ferry!)
As we pulled closer to Amalfi, I knew we would be in for a treat – from the boat, the town closely resembled Positano with jagged cliffs, red roofs, and rainbow houses. We disembarked from the boat, which was a breeze, and promptly walked ashore in search of shade and ice cream!There were many shops weaving into the town center, selling bright blue ceramics, Italian leather goods, and citrus fruits the size of your face!In the main square of Amalfi is the Amalfi Cathedral. While not particularly tall or grandiose, I love getting a peak inside the local architecture, and as we didn’t have plans to visit any museums, eat in any restaurants, or sleep in any houses Amalfi, I decided to pop into the church to get a feel for the local design – and wow, was it worth a peak! While the Sistine Chapel (which we visited in Rome later that week) is a true work of art, I can’t help but think this is mainly due to the popularity of Michelangelo. The high, arched ceilings of the Amalfi Cathedral were painted by Domenico Morelli, a renowned Italian painter who had a fine eye for detail. 
His work was breathtaking, and I loved the soft-purple dream-like hues that emanated from the ceiling, which I found equally impressive (if not more-so) than the Sistine Chapel.Back outside, we finally found an ice cream shoppe with an array of mouth-watering flavors. We ate our cones at the shoppe’s tables in the square, which we were charged €2 extra for (I guess you pay more for an ice cream when you eat-in!? such a rip off!) So sorry ice cream shoppe, you don’t get a shout out on the blog. That said, the cone made for a pretty picture, and was super refreshing! :)Back by the harbor, the sun was starting to set.And my cousin Julie had the best idea to climb out on the rocks for some Amalfi glamor shots . . . So of course I followed suit! :)We hung out on the docks while we waited for our ferry, toes dangling in the water.Eventually the ferry showed up, and we were whisked back to Positano where we had a quick outfit change at home before heading out for dinner.

This next part of the story is why I travel :) As it was our last night in Positano, we wanted a delicious dinner. But we were staying high up in the cliffs, and after a full day of walking around, we were exhausted and didn’t want to venture too far from our apartment. This made our options limited, and I was a bit bummed we weren’t venturing out for an experience or extra delicious meal on our final evening in town. There was a greasy pizza shop just down the road from our place where we’d picked up a few pies the evening before (which to be fair, were quite delicious!) so we agreed to head back there for dinner on our last night in town as it was an easy jaunt and we knew it would be good. However, when we entered the small shop, the owner gestured for us to follow him out back, where to our surprise we found the most picturesque outdoor dining area that overlooked the entire town of Positano. We could not have asked for a better view, and we were delighted to find that the eat-in menus had a fantastic range beyond pizza – seafood, ravioli, risotto, pasta, vegetable dishes, and a long list of desserts! So here are some shots of our final night in Positano at C’era una Volta, a hidden gem just down the street from our Airbnb, where we had the most amazing meal under the stars. I stole the above two photos from Julie, but they’re too cute not to share! What a fun bunch of ladies to travel with :)
And now on to the last meal – we started with seafood . . . Followed by seafood and ravioli . . . Followed by seafood and risotto ;) We finished the meal with pear and lemon tiramisu (no seafood here!) but best served with multiple forks!It was a fantastic end to a fantastic time along the Amalfi Coast . . . . . . and while I have a few more photos from the rest of our trip in Italy (Pompei and Rome to follow!) I have to say, this first leg of our trip was by far my favorite and the most magical. Noi non potemo avere perfetta vita senza amici. We cannot have a perfect life without friends – or in this case, family :)

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