Snow Day in Amsterdam!

Yes, it’s June and I am about to post Amsterdam winter wonderland photos. But I am finally, finally almost caught up to real-time with blogging (operative word here being almost), and before I can dive into dreamy Vietnam I need to be true to chronology and tell you about the cute snow storm that passed through the Amsterdam back in February, right before we left for Asia.This frosty weather occurrence is rare in Amsterdam, where we get one, maybe two light dustings of snow a year. There’s a reason most folk choose to ride a bike here in Holland – it’s flat, and the weather is usually quite mild! I don’t miss shoveling snow, but I do often lament opening my blinds in the morning to discover the world has been buried beneath a thick blanket of snow . . . but alas, I will have to settle for a light sprinkle every so often ;) When it does snow in Amsterdam, I am too big of a wuss to ride my bike to work (I have enough bike incidents without snow and ice on the ground), but luckily I live about three blocks from my office, and my walk to work is up a beautiful canal. So here are some snaps from one of the two snow days we got in here Amsterdam in 2017 (the first one we missed because as a result of the snow we were stranded in Copenhagen – read here!)
I live off of one of the prettiest canals in Amsterdam. Every morning I cross over this little bridge (the hardest part of my cycle – ha!) and can see six bridges in the distance, placed neatly one behind the next. I love this view as the sun rises early in the morning, I love this view as the trees that line the canal turn in the fall, and it’s also incredibly peaceful in the winter, smothered in a gentle layer of snow.Shout out to the sneakers I bought for Vietnam that were surprisingly all-terrain ;)
Isn’t this city just the prettiest in the snow? 

xo Ali






2 Replies to “Snow Day in Amsterdam!”

  1. I do love the building colors and architecture! Snow is a bad word these days, hehe. I see you’ve removed your sidebar? This really focuses the reader on your content. 👍🏻😎


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