Tulips in Holland

Every spring, I make an effort to get out of the city and see the famous Dutch tulips in bloom. I’ve taken many trips in the past (here and here) but this year the trek was especially important as I had two awesome visitors in tow . . . my sisters Liz and Jess! The girls came to Amsterdam for the first time together (you can read me gushing about their visit here) and I wanted to treat them to all of my favorite Dutch things, which included a food crawl through the city, an Easter dinner with my Amsterdam family, a long weekend trip to Paris, and of course a short trek outside of Amsterdam to see the tulips! The thing about the tulips is . . . you never know when they are going to bloom! Sometimes they poke their little heads out of the ground in April, other times their appearance does not occur until later in May. This year, Liz and Jess came to Amsterdam in the beginning of April, and unfortunately the tulip season got off to a slow start. Which meant we didn’t actually find any tulips . . . However, we did find rows and rows of colorful flowers – they just weren’t the variety we had set off looking for! These photos crack me up – we were having a hard time getting the right shot, as the sun was so bright and was really glaring in our eyes.I wont complain about 70 degree weather in April, but I will say . . . Liz and Jess could have made due with some sun glasses. The struggle resulted in quite a few re-takes.But eventually we got the right one ;) Looking back I now realize that Liz had sun glasses on her head the whole time and just didn’t think to pull them down!! LOL
Anyways, the lack of tulips didn’t stop us from getting those iconic Dutch flower field shots. Big shout out here to the hyacinths that were in bloom, and allowed us to frolic through colorful fields in early April. Before we left, I asked the girls to get some DSLR snaps of Kai and me, which turned out super dreamy and are now the wallpaper on my Macbook and iPhone ;) Love this guy and so happy he got to experience some quality time with my sisters in Amsterdam too!We’re actually off to Munich this weekend to see Kai’s family, and I’m really looking forward to the trip. It’s his brother’s birthday weekend, and his mom has already booked us into a pottery class, so I expect there to be a good balance of German birthday celebrations and chill family time (which sounds just right to this libra girl!)

What are y’all up to this weekend?!

xo Ali



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