High Tea at The Dutchess

At the end of August, my friend Jess celebrated her birthday, and so in her honor we decided to spend a day pampering ourselves at the spa, followed by high tea at The Duchess :) How stunning is this birthday girl?!At the time, the W Hotel had a killer deal on, and so for €100 we got access to the spa, a 60 minute massage, and a high tea to top it all off! Keep an eye on Away Spa’s website, as they always have some kind of awesome deal happening :) I don’t have too many photos of the spa, but let’s just say it’s dreamy AF.

There is music playing under water, plunge pools, multiple steam rooms, and of course hot tubs. Not to mention it’s one of the few spas in Amsterdam that has a large, indoor pool for floating. After our massages, we got primped up and walked across the street to The Duchess. The interior is akin to Alice in Wonderland, with whimsical lighting, stoic grandfather clocks, and colorful art on the walls.The high tea comes with a set menu, although we each got to pick a pot of tea to try from the extensive menu.We started with a glass of champagne, a cup of tea, and a mint lemonade. Followed by warm scones with homemade butter and jam! We then tucked in to our savory plate, which had an assortment of finger sandwiches and quiches.  We talked for hours – so long that we were each offered a fresh pot of tea and a new seat by the canal, so they could prepare for the dinner service!Finally, the main event arrived, which was a towering platter of cookies, cakes, and sweets.And so we dug into or treats as the sun beamed and simultaneously the rain fell outside. Nothing makes me more happy than a sun shower in the summer! Except from maybe watching it canal side, tea and macaroon in hand :)I’m not going to lie, I completely hijacked Jess’s birthday idea and did the exact same thing a few months later for my 32nd birthday! It was such a fun, relaxing day, and I loved escaping the city for a few hours without having to actually go anywhere! Thanks for turning another year older, Jess, and giving us an excuse to indulge!

xo Ali

2 Replies to “High Tea at The Dutchess”

  1. Hi Ali!
    I really enjoyed your post and pics! What a lovely spa day / high tea. Thanks for sharing! I want to visit a spa now!

    <3 Alana


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