Mallorca, Spain with my Fiancé

Last week Kai and I went on an exciting trip together – we flew to Mallorca to see our wedding venue for the first time! Honestly, although we were jetting off to paradise, I had prepared myself for a long weekend of stress. I’ve heard that wedding planning trips can be unromantic and busy, so although I had two days off of work, and we were staying at a cute beach front resort, I had mentally prepared for a weekend filled with chores and chaos. And to be fair, we did have a lot to get done over the weekend: we were planning to visit our wedding venue for the first time. I had my hair and makeup trial. We had lined up a tasting with our caterer, a meeting with our decorator, and a coffee date with our celebrant. But those are just the big things!We also had to find a caterer for the pool party the day after our wedding. We wanted to scout out a few good local restaurants we could recommend to our friends, and also find some spots we could take our family out to in the lead up to our wedding. We needed to find a bar that could fit 50-60 people for a welcome drink. We wanted to find a dreamy beach and a fun hike, so we could invite those in town to join us for some local activities prior to the big day. We had to locate grocery stores, ATM’s, and pharmacies close to our wedding venue. And finally, we wanted to scout out potential local products for wedding favors. The last thing I wrote on the list was ‘have fun!’ because I was quite dubious there would be time for little else if it wasn’t written on that list! For this trip, we wanted the basics taken care of so we could focus on wedding tasks, so we stayed at Alua Soul, which was a four star all-inclusive resort, with a private beach and cute sea front rooms.While we stayed here mostly for function, I have to say, the food was pretty good and the space was beautifully designed! I’ve never considered myself an ‘all inclusive’ kinda gal, but having now experienced an all you can eat raw bar for dinner, I’d never say never!And how serene is this private cala?!Pre-tan Ali!! So embarrassing!! Also, busted – I totally packed six pairs of shoes for a four day trip LOL.I should also mention, I’ve never been to Mallorca before!! Looking back, it feels a bit surreal that we booked a wedding venue we hadn’t seen, on an island I’ve never been to! To be honest, after the whole Ben-gate, I was pretty intent on eloping. Actually, if I am being completely completely honest, for the first two years Kai and I dated, I was quite insistent I DID NOT want to get married. No wedding, no marriage, no rings, no vows. We talked a lot about starting a family and what growing old together would be like, but honestly those things felt a lot more important than the wedding itself – having spent almost two years planning a wedding that did NOT happen, I realize that the celebration itself is so insignificant in the grand scheme of the relationship – the person you choose to be with and the commitment and love you have for one another is what truly matters.

But something shifted around the two-year mark in my relationship with Kai. He is so wonderful, so kind, and he loves me with every piece of his heart. And I have this huge desire to give him everything he deserves – unconditional love. Patience. Respect. A life of happiness. And the best version of me! And you know what? The best version of me isn’t stressed about planning a wedding. She’s not broken from a shitty relationship that ended more than half a decade ago. She’s strong and she’s confident in her love – and that may even mean celebrating it :)

My initial idea was to elope. Low cost. Low key. A travel backdrop. All wonderful things. But what’s a celebration without family and friends?! Kai was pretty adamant he wanted a party – and so when he proposed, the celebration was on. We had been talking about getting married for quite some time, so we already had a pretty good idea of the timeframe – the next big question was where?!

I would have loved to get married in the US, close to my family – maybe at a lobster shack by the sea. But, I am engaged to a wonderful German man, who has a family of his own, and although we discussed getting married in both the US and Germany, nether of these options were very fair for the other person. And so we will start our marriage with a decision that I hope we arrive at time and time again – a compromise :) We agreed to have a small wedding somewhere neutral. Somewhere close to an airport so if family and friends did want to join, it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Somewhere by the sea. Somewhere with a good chance of sun, great food, and a fair bit of romance. If I have time, I will share some details on how we planned everything in another post – but fast forward four months, and we had it locked! We would get married at (what we hoped was) a wonderful wedding venue on an island in the Mediterranean!
We found all of our major vendors within the first three weeks of being engaged – we literally planned our wedding in a faster timeframe than it took for the jeweler to make my engagement ring! Really, this quick planning was all down to the fact that I don’t really care about the wedding ‘stuff’. I love Kai so much, and I am going to spend my life with him! I am also SO excited to have an amazing long weekend with my family and friends in Spain. Those are the things I am looking forward to the most! But everything else – the photographer, the flowers, the food, the location . . . it just didn’t really matter to me. So in most instances, if we met a nice vendor who fell within our budget, we booked them – sometimes without even chatting first. In the grand scheme of life, the food, the venue, the photographer we will have for one day are SO insignificant, and we would rather enjoy the romance of being engaged over stressing about a wedding. So that’s what we did!We spent our first day in Mallorca picking out a beach to hang at the day before our wedding. We went to this one first, found it to be incredibly dreamy, and decided – this is it!! We then spent the rest of the day lounging in the sun! I can’t wait to come back here in three months with all of my friends and family :)Later in the afternoon, the beach started to fill up, so we went on a walk along one of the seafront’s stone paths, and found ourselves at an even more dreamy, secluded beach. Self timer attempt number one and photobombed by a boat!
Attempt number two is slightly more successful :) It wasn’t even the end of our first day in Mallorca, and I was already convinced it was my new favorite spot in Europe!After spending a morning in the sun, we set off for some drinks and lunch in town. Which did not disappoint!

Mallorca’s harbor towns are so charming, with pastel houses and bobbing boats.We spent the rest of the day reading by the pool. It was at this point I realized, wedding planning wasn’t all that bad!
After dinner, we set off for a sunset hike – another activity we had to scout out for our wedding trip!Again, we were so blown away by the island’s beauty, and happily decided this first hike we did was perfect to do again in a few months with family and friends! On day two, I had my hair and makeup trial, but that wasn’t until the evening, so we decided to do a hike we knew would be to difficult to do in September when we had the whole wedding crew in tow.We donned our hiking sneakers, but packed bathing suits as well, as Calo des Moro not only has some stunning hiking trails, but also some hella dreamy beaches.We found it to be quiet and serene, but locals have said these beaches are often packed in the high season! On our way back, we stopped for lunch in Cala Figuera. I will put together a Mallorca travel guide in the next week or two, but for now, let’s just say this dreamy harbor town had some awesome sea view seating and a damn fine Aperol Spritz. Garlic shrimp and pimentos are all I need.
And maybe a side of melon with prosciutto! After my hair and makeup trial, Kai and I went into a small tiki bar in Cala d’Or for a cocktail. We then played a highly competitive game of mini golf behind a restaurant in the center. We were the only ones there, and we were serenaded by a cover band playing to the patrons dining inside.  It was one of those fun impromptu date nights that makes me love Kai so much – where we follow the evening and end up having such a great time!Our last days were spent at our venue, and in Palma at our tasting. I took a ton of photos, but I will save some Mallorca updates until the actual wedding ;) For now, here’s a sneak peek of our venue!The last thing we did was meet with our celebrant in Palma. Although it was only a short stop in the city, it made me very excited to spend some more time in Palma on the first night of our wedding trip! The harbor was super charming, and I made a silent promise to come back to the water front when we have more time in September for a long early morning walk! Honestly, I am so excited to marry Kai, and this trip made me feel super confident in our laid back planning approach. So far, everything has been wonderful and has far exceeded expectations, so I cannot wait to see what our wedding weekend will bring when all of our family and friends come together for the fun!

More on Mallorca to come soon!

xo Ali

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  1. Congratulations!! 🍾 Mallorca is one of my favorite places in Europe as well! It’s incredibly romantic & whimsical—perfect for a destination wedding! Alcudia old town has stunning architecture if you fancy a photo shoot!


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