Summertime Boating in Amsterdam

When the sunshine is out in Amsterdam, both local and tourists flock to the nearest terrace, park, or boat. And while I love drinking white wine on a shady canal-side terrace, or casually BBQing with friends in the park, nothing quite beats having the gorgeous city scenery come to you, as you sip prosecco and cruise the historic canals of Amsterdam. And thankfully, due to the city’s numerous canals and waterways, boat hire in Amsterdam is easy and accessible! Last week, the girls and I set sail with Starboard Boats, a local boat rental company with a plush covered boat. And as if this cozy ride could get any better, they also take care of all of the drinks while you’re on board – so you don’t have to worry about stopping at the grocery store or running out of booze along the way – they have it all covered, down to that bottle opener you somehow always forget and leave at home!We lucked out with the weather – it had been a rainy day but the skies cleared up in the evening, allowing us to roll up the windows and pop the prosecco!I’ve been pretty stringent with my pre-wedding diet, but let loose and treated myself to a glass of bubbles as we cruised the canals and the sun slowly set.If you live in Amsterdam, it’s always such a treat to be reminded of what a gorgeous city we live in! Cruising on a boat offers a new perspective of the tall buildings we scurry under every day.And if you don’t live in Amsterdam, I strongly suggest starting off your visit on a boat – it will help you get the lay of the land and will key you in on any landmarks you might want to circle back to later!Such as the fiery taboo windows in the Red Light District.Or perhaps a cozy canal side cafe :)We ended our boat ride just after dusk – perhaps the most romantic hour on the canals.It was such a treat to spend a night on the canals with the girls – and Starboard Boats. Here’s to loving every second of the few summer days we surely have left!


xo Ali

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