Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

My last few blog posts have been full-on sagas, so I am excited to bring you a post that spans approximately two hours of time and details only a single attraction! In my last post about Zion National Park, I mentioned that Kai and I got up bright and early (or dark and early!!) to get to Kanab Visitor’s Center so we could enter the lottery for a chance to hike The Wave.I will detail that experience in another blog post, but let’s just say that it’s one I am very, VERY excited to tell you about!!So, after an early morning spent in Kanab at the visitor’s center, Kai and I grabbed some breakfast at a diner, charged our batteries (literally and figuratively) and then set off for Horseshoe Bend.We would be spending the night at Wahweap Campground on Lake Powell, and had a tour booked to see Antelope Canyon in the afternoon. That left the morning free, and we’d heard that Horseshoe Bend was a sight to behold. At the time, Horseshoe Bend was a super easy and free drive up experience (note that it’s since been monetized and is $10 per passenger car).We parked and then walked an easy 15 minutes through the lot and up to the lookout, which completely blew us away.Horseshoe Bend is as the name would suggest – a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River.It’s located near the town of Page, Arizona, and was an easy drive from Lake Powell.Do you see that weeeee ity-bitty boat down there for scale?!We had read online ahead of time that Horseshoe Bend is best viewed late morning or mid day, and planned our trip accordingly. If you’re planning a visit, note that the bend and river are in shadows in the early morning and later afternoon. Even after spending three nights in breathtaking Zion, we were so blown away by the bend’s stunning scale and stature.After walking around, taking a zillion photos, and gawking at the Colorado River from above, we hopped back in the car and drove to a destination mandatory on every good road trip . . . .

Sonic!! Strawberry milkshake, anyone?!

xo Ali

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