Lake Powell, Arizona

While I’ve stretched this day out into three posts (Antelope Canyon here, Horseshoe Bend here), Kai and I really only spent one day at Lake Powell in Arizona.We started the day’s adventure in Utah, at Zion National Park. We woke up before the sun, packed our tent, and drove to Kanab’s Visitor Center to enter into the lottery to hike The Wave. Spoiler Alert: It was a very successful endeavor!

We then had breakfast at a cute bakery next to the visitor’s center. Fueled on iced coffee and pastries, we drove to Horseshoe Bend and went on a walk around the viewpoint. THEN we rolled up to Wahweap Campground where we unpacked our tent and took a deep breath! And that is where our Lake Powell adventure begins! My Horseshoe Bend post ended with a trip to Sonic – milkshake in hand, Kai and I then started the short drive from Horseshoe Bend to Wahweap, a tent and RV campground perched on Lake Powell’s shore.Lake Powell was a sight to behold. It felt as if we were gazing into an unexpected water source on Mars. The contrast between the glistening turquoise waters and the barren creamy shore was bewitching. We stopped and drank our shakes at a lookout point, which beside two other visitors, was quite desolate.  We then hopped back in the car to finish our drive to Wahweap. Surprisingly, the campground was also fairly desolate, which was quite contrary to South Campground at Zion, which we had to book three months in advance!

Although we had a tour of Antelope Canyon planned in the afternoon, we wanted to make sure we had enough time to set up our tent in daylight.So we went to the campground prior to our tour and had a little bit of downtime to decompress and set up shop before heading out to take in more of Page’s beauty!After our Antelope Canyon tour, Kai and I were pretty hungry for a proper meal, so we hit up Big John’s for some BBQ.The clouds had moved in, and the evening was a bit cool, so we opted for a table inside. We were served a big bucket of peanuts, and we ordered two local beers to accompany our table snack. We then loaded up on meat and southern sides – pulled brisket, ribs, and homemade cornbread – to name a few! The food was delicious, all smoked on a huge BBQ grill out front. I’m a huge fan of BBQ sauce, and loved that there were lots of options on the table! When we finished our meal, the fun was just beginning. A live country band was getting warmed up outside, so we asked the server if we could snag some seats outdoors, and although we’d already eaten, she let us sit on two deck chairs with our beers to listen to the music.Also, favorite photo of Kai from the entire trip?!We listened to country music while drinking Grand Canyon beers, and had one of those ‘wow’ moments you experience on a trip, when you realize you’re living the vacation dream you set out to find!With the sun setting and more clouds moving in, we drove back to our campsite. It started raining when we got to our tent, so we hurried inside and had another early night.In the morning, we woke up to lots of water on our tent, puddles everywhere, and a rainbow forming off in the distance. It had rained A LOT over night, which meant that our next adventure would be ultra tricky . . . We were off to hike The Wave (!!!) which would turn out to be the most memorable experience from our trip, and perhaps even my young adult life!Stay tuned for tales of washed out roads, crazy last minute scrambling, sprinting through the dessert, and the most brilliant hike I’ve ever been on!Until next time! xo


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