Glenwood Springs, Utah

After a week of hiking, road tripping, and sleeping under the stars, Kai and I were excited for our return to civilization! We had planned to finish off our Southwest road trip in Denver with some friends, but to break up the drive between Moab and Denver, we decided to spend a night in Glenwood Springs. It was my birthday, and after all of the camping and driving, I was really looking forward to soaking in a steamy spring.As mentioned in my last post, my birthday didn’t get off to the best start, with a cold, sleepless night, a morning spent packing up our camp site, and a long drive ahead. But that said, by the time we arrived in Glenwood Springs, I felt like a new woman, having laughed, chatted to family on the phone, and enjoyed the beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery along the way (while belting out birthday tunes in the car with bae!)As the main draw of Glenwood Springs was *surprise* the springs, we decided to stay at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, which had cozy rooms overlooking the outdoor pools, and free entrance to the springs.We checked into our hotel mid-afternoon, and immediately I was whisked away for a surprise massage at the spa that Kai had arranged. Honestly, it was just what my body needed, after sleeping on the ground for a week. The expert masseuse worked all of the hiking and camping knots out of my sore body. And as if the afternoon had not been relaxing enough, I then met up with Kai at the pool, where we watched the sun set and spent the rest of the day floating around in the hot pools outside.It was an idyllic way to end the day – again under the stars but this time as toasty as could be!As we’d eaten lunch on the go in the car, we decided to spruce up and go out for a proper dinner. We asked the hotel which direction we should head in for a meal – they told us to take the pedestrian bridge across the Colorado River, and on the other side we would stumble upon a lot of good options :)And low and behold, we found numerous glowing restaurants as we descended the pedestrian bridge. Wanting to keep it easy, we ducked into one of the first restaurants we came across – The Italian Underground, which full-heartedly embraced the American-Italian persona, with white and red checkered table cloths, dried chillies nailed to the wall, and a large American flag flanking the space.

Growing up, I would always request spaghetti and meatballs on my birthday, and although nothing can quite compare to my mom’s fate, having a big Italian dinner did make the day of birthday celebrations feel complete :)Excuse the fact that I’m glowing and oily from my massage and the hot springs! It was such a relaxing day, I couldn’t bear to put on makeup at the end of it all! But when it’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want, including wear a ‘Birthday Girl’ t-shirt ;) For dinner, I had a grand tour of all of the restaurant’s specials (otherwise known as the ‘combination plate’) which included a healthy portion of spaghetti, lasagna, an Italian sausage, a meatball and a roasted bell pepper cannoli (my favorite!) smothered in house-made meat sauce. It was epic, and far surpassed the amount of Italian food I may have consumed on prior birthdays!Kai had a much more simple pesto pasta, which also looked great :)For dessert (you have to get dessert on your birthday!) I had a scoop of raspberry sherbert, so excited to be able to order sherbert on a menu – this creamy deliciousness does not exist in Holland!By the end of the meal, the space had cleared out, and giddy from our wine, Kai and I bundled up and climbed the big pedestrian bridge once again, before cozying in for a night at our hotel.It was such a sweet end to my birthday, spent with my all time favorite guy :)

Next up, Boulder!!

xo Ali


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