A Waltz Through Boulder, Colorado

While Kai and I has plans to stay in Denver for the weekend with friends, we didn’t want to come all the way to Colorado without taking a quick meander through Boulder. Over the years I’ve met many travelers who hail from Boulder, and I’ve been curious to see the city with my own eyes, as those who originate from the happiest place in the US also tend to love some of the same cities I adore, such as Burlington, Vermont and Portland, Maine.Boulder is a city at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in northern Colorado.  The drive from Glenwood to Boulder was a little less than an hour, and we cruised quickly under blue and on smooth roads.As we didn’t have a specific destination in mind, we drove down to Peal Street which is a long, sunny pedestrian shopping street with a great selection of restaurants, bookstores, boutiques and sidewalk cafes. Our first stop was Peace, Love & Chocolate, where we treated ourselves to some ‘sipping chocolate’ (which the shop adorably dubbed their hot cocoa) along with a buttery raspberry tart.Stepping into the shop was akin to strolling through a West African country where 70% of the world’s cocoa beans come from!We honestly had a hard time picking a treat, as there were so many delectable sweets and chocolates.Like alllllll of these beauties!But in the end, sipping chocolate and tarts were on the menu for snack time!And for those of you wondering why we chose a raspberry tart in a chocolate shop – never fear! There was a rich, silky layer of milk chocolate hiding half way through our tart :)After all of our chocolate had disappeared, we headed outside for some sun.How cute are these minty green fire hydrants?! :)

Walking down Pearl Street reminded me of Church Street in Burlington – there were so many adorable shop fronts and cafes that begged to be sampled!Happy hour called, but our ambition was to make it to Denver before nightfall so we could cook up the last of our camping food for dinner! So we resisted the pull of wine in the sun and half prices apps, and headed back to our car just before the parking meter expired.It was honestly a short waltz through Boulder, with only a few stops in bike stores and chocolate shops, but overall we were glad to have carved our some time to see Colorado’s cutest Rocky Mountain city!

On to Denver! xo Ali

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