Taco Tour, Mexico City

Hey people! Kai and I are currently in Cape Town, and we’re having a relaxing day by the pool (and by relaxing I mean we did a super intensive six mile hike today at the crack of dawn, and literally can’t walk anymore – it’s basically the most ‘relaxed’ you’ll ever see us!) I should be reading, but I am currently crushing my way through a terribly dramatic seven-book series, and after reading the first five books in the past six weeks, my fragile vacation heart needs a break! So blogging it is, which is a bit tricky as my pointer finger on my left hand is injured. I’m pretending I got bit by a spider while on a safari here in Africa . . . and it was incredibly savage and bad ass . . . . but in reality I woke up to a sharp pain on my finger in the middle of the night, and really have no idea WHAT happened. I probably did get bit by SOMETHING, but I didn’t manage to glimpse the assailant (thank goodness!) Over the next two days, my finger swelled up into a huge blister that wrapped around my nail and finger pad. Pain! To be honest, it’s probably infected and I *am* being savage by ignoring it . . . but I have no desire to brave the hospital in Africa – so here we are, chatting away as I currently type with a finger I have no feeling in! Anyways, enough about my finger injuries, let’s chat MEXICO!Mexico was going to be a one post wonder. In fact, I’ve been to Mexico twice in the past year, but I held off on blogging abut my visit the first time, with intentions to do one giant post at the end of my Mexican travels. But then I edited the photos from both trips, and realized there were more than 260 pictures from my travels! So here we are – part one of my Mexico City adventures!Both of my trips to Mexico were for work. Last year, I was over seeing Booking.com’s Latin American’s communications, which entailed of finding a local creative agency, conducting local market research, overseeing the development of our integrated advertising campaign, and finally producing communications to launch in the Mexican market.So the team and I went to Mexico twice – which was awesome, because the daily red eye back to Amsterdam departs at 8.30pm, which means that if you do a full work week in Mexico City, you can’t really fly back until late on Saturday evening, and have a whole day of free time on the ground! So that’s where these photos were taken – post-busy work week and pre-Saturday evening flight home – just enough time to hit up a museum or do a tour before heading to the airport. Which was fortuitous, as this was my first time in Mexico City and there was simply SO much to see and do! The first time I went to Mexico was in July, and the second time was in January (almost a year ago now!) and despite the change in season, they were two very similar trips, as the weather was fantastic for both, and lots of tacos were consumed regardless of the calendar month :)The first time around, the team and I stayed at Hotel Carlota in Mexico City. When we arrived, a super loud truck was stationed out front draining the hotel’s septic system. At 11pm at night, after a 13 hour flight, the jarring noise made me want to punch someone in the face. I crawled into bed with earplugs, but after trying to unsuccessfully sleep for twenty minutes, I kindly asked the front desk if I could switch to a quieter room, which resulted in being relocated to a cozy space in the back of the hotel with a private roof top terrace. Win!!That said, the private terrace was quite unnecessary, because the best views in in the hotel were on the shared terrace in the center of the building, with an alfresco restaurant and a pool in the courtyard. I didn’t get the sample the pool, because – work trip – but I did have breakfast on the terrace every day, which had lovely vacation sunshine vibes, which were welcome on a business trip!These next photos were taken post-meeting. We were in a super dreamy neighborhood, so instead of hopping in a cab back to the hotel at the end of the day, I stretched my legs and walked around. I know – this is a big no-no for Mexico City. It’s notoriously unsafe to stroll around on foot in the city. That said, this neighborhood felt so dreamy, I couldn’t imagine anything bad lucking around the corner! So off I went, on foot and breaking all of the Mexico City rules :)Turns out we were at an agency located right next to the Frida Kahlo Museum, which definitely piqued my interest to check it out on my next trip (coming your way later this week!)The colors of Mexico City are so beautiful – sorbets of all shades with bright pops of colbalt and sage every now and again.And my toes – in truly fiesta sandals! Now that I’ve bored you with dozens of neighborhood shots, let’s get down to business and chat FOOD. The food in Mexico City is amazing. Every meal I had was the perfect blend of spicy, rich, and fresh. Point and case: behold the most epic breakfast burrito!When it comes to food, Mexico is top notch. Which is why before I left, I made sure to squeeze in oneeeee fun food related activity – a taco tour!
I found this experience on Airbnb, and loved the idea of cycling through Mexico City with a guide (a feat I would be too nervous to tackle on my own!) stopping to eat tacos along the way. Talk about a dream! We spent the afternoon cycling through Polanco, Condesa and Roma, weaving in and out of Bosque de Chapultepec (Mexico City’s Central Park) along the way!We stopped for tacos at five different spots. Some were beautiful shops, where cooks ground colorful ears of corn for fresh tortillas. Such as Molino El Pujol, where we had the most delectable crillo corn taco.My colleague Jenny was on the same flight out that evening, and also had the Saturday morning to spare, so we taco-toured together!Clearly living in Holland has greatly enhanced our biking skills! ;)Our next stop was El Turix, where we had Yucatan-style tacos with slow roasted pork. I loaded mine to the brim with spicy salsa and lime juice, and holy it was heavenly!Another favorite of mine was Los Panchos, which was swarming with locals – always a good signs!Overall it was such a brief work trip, but I think we squeezed in just enough sight seeing and eating on our last day to call it not only a successful one, but an exciting one as well!

I had such a great time in Mexico City, and I am looking forward to sharing the next few posts from my second trip there where I had a bit more time to explore the local attractions. Till then :)

xo Ali

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