Nezu Museum, Tokyo

On our rainy afternoon in Tokyo, Amie and I thought, ‘You know what’s a great rainy day activity? Going to a museum.So after spending lunch at a rice house, we walked over to the insanely beautiful Nezu Museum, only to discover that – lol – a vast majority of the museum’s allure is the open-air gardens!But that didn’t stop us, with our trusty umbrellas in hand!We started by exploring the museum’s six small galleries located inside. Yes, this museum is small compared to the likes of the Rijks and the Louvre, but it’s still a brilliant gem worth checking out. The Nezu Museum started as a private collection of modern Japanese and East Asian art by Nezu Kaichirō. Almost a century later, the museum in Nezu’s namesake still stands, although reimagined, as it was badly damaged in WWII. Now, the museum is a sleek oasis that displays a plethora of unique Japanese art and artifacts, with more than 7,400 objects including seven National Treasures (!!!) And while we were so blown away by some of the museum’s sculptures and textiles, the extensive Japanese gardens stole our hearts! We didn’t take any photos inside the museum (which was not allowed), but we did enjoy strolling through the winding gardens, despite the rain. It honestly felt like we were exploring a lush, tropical oasis – even more so in the rain! In the garden, you will find maple trees, shrines, bamboo groves, sculptures, water features, and an incredibly green oasis. It was a gem to explore, even on a drizzly day in Tokyo.After our museum explorations, Amie and I were both famished, so we headed over to Butagumi, a Japanese eatery famous for pork. The menu was endless, with more than 26 varieties of premium pork to choose from. Being pork novices, Amie and I each ordered a beer alongside a mid-priced pork cutlet, which was served with rice, miso, and shredded cabbage (all of which were unlimited!)The pork was definitely a show stopper – crispy, flavorful, and incredibly juicy all at the same time It was a fantastic meal and a crazy-cool dining experience, unlike any other! If you’re interested in a meal at Butagumi, make sure to book in advance, and don’t wear any perfume, or you will be denied entry (it’s all about the pork scent in this eatery!!) More Japan adventures to come :)

xo Ali

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