Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo

On our second to last day in Japan, Amie and I caught an early train from Kyoto back to to Tokyo, checked into our final hotel of the trip (which I’ll tell you more about in my next post!), had a quick lunch, and then hopped on the metro towards Team Lab Borderless.We had been told that this digital art museum was a once in a lifetime experience, and had booked entrance tickets months in advance. Our tickets were good for the whole day, but we wound up arriving about three hours before closing time, which was a blessing – as we missed the nightmarish queues that are raged about online – but it also meant that we only had a few hours to explore the museum. Turns out this was an activity that easily could have captivated our attention for a full 12 hours, so our stunted visit was not well planned! The museum is comprised of several rooms, each with a different visual theme and experience. Some have graphic projections that respond to your movement and body heat, others are 3D and have interactive elements such as large foam sculptures and playground slides.Some rooms glitter in an endless sea of prisms (wait for this one!!), while others require you to climb out onto a suspended net and lay in the air, totally immersed in a glowing world around you (below). We wandered from room to room, engulfed in a fantasy, clinging onto the excited and surreal delight that comes from being completely consumed by a dream. This art piece was insane, with rabid rabbits morphing into some kind of pre-historic clan, marching in a swirl of color and chanting.We took photos, and had lots of time with our screens off, simply exploring. We touched, listened, and felt our way through the interactive experiences, different senses piqued in each room.We stayed until the museum closed, at which point in time we lamented having not arrived five hours earlier!!Because the last room we fund was by far our favorite, and we could have spent all day there.If the graphic exhibitions in this museum were all a dream, these are what I would want mine to look like.I’m just going to throw a quick – sorry not sorry – out there because yes I took a million photos, but OMG this room was amazing.Please may I live here?

After ending on such a high note, we definitely weren’t ready for the day’s fun to end, so we said, ‘Why not?!’ and bought tickets to ride the giant Ferris wheel outside the museum. We were treated to some spectacular views of the city, and although it was our second to last night in town, we only then realize HOW massive Tokyo truly was. We could have stayed in the city for another month and still would not have been able to explore every neighborhood! After our ferris wheel ride, we debated going to Joypolis, a massive indoor arcade across the street from Team Lab. But when we got there, it seemed complete dead (which surprised us on a Friday night!) so we said ‘no thank you’ to the pricy entry fee and got some pastel-colored steamed dumplings, meatballs, and beer at a nearby restaurant instead, before heading back to our hotel for the evening.

One more day of Tokyo adventures to come!

xo Ali

2 Replies to “Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo”

  1. It is so wonderful to read about your trip, we loved this exhibition too! It just kept going and we were trying to find the rooms we knew existed but getting to them was part of the fun! The only reason we left was because we were so hungry! I never checked whether we could have re entered, I didn’t think it possible haha but maybe we should have. I hope you are well xxx


    1. LOVE that you went there as well – we had a very similar experience!! There were some rooms we were dying to explore and kept getting lost in the process – and others we stumbled upon and thought ‘Wow what dimension have we accidentally entered now?!’ So much fun!! Hope you’re well too love xo


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