Welcome to Tuscany

Hello beautiful people!Doesn’t the world feel crazy right now? There is a pandemic sweeping the globe, the economy is tanking, black people are having their throats crushed by police officers, and riots are breaking out in major cities everywhere. I feel like I can no longer can trust the ground beneath my feet. We want to hug, but we cannot. We want to live in a world with equality and peace, and yet we find ourselves fighting for basic human rights. It’s a scary time with lots of unrest, and I hope we will all come out stronger, more compassionate, and more understanding on the other side. This hardship must be justified and we have the power to make a change.
With that said, Kai and I decided that it was time to escape. Escape the stress, leave the city, find some space, and get some fresh air – a privilege we often don’t even consider but are ultimately incredibly thankful for. And so as travel restrictions began to ease across Europe, we decided to be early adopters and travel to Italy. We rented an old farm house in Tuscany for the month of June and arrived here early on Saturday morning. Our new home is set amongst vineyards and rollings hills, with a huge yard, dreamy gardens, a fully equip kitchen, and an incredible amount of space and tranquility.Travel restrictions in Italy were lifted for European residents on the 3rd of June, and we felt that if we were going to leave Amsterdam, it was best to do so early, while the airports were still relatively quiet – before the masses once again took to the skies.

I still can’t believe this is my home for a month! It was strange traveling here. The airports were very quiet. We had our temperature checked three times. We had to fill out extra medical and arrival forms. We were asked to use hand sanitizer at multiple points before and after we boarded the plane. There were no drinks or snacks served on the flight. Passengers were seated 1.5 meters apart, occupying every other row. We wore face masks the entire time, and followed rules around how far apart to queue while in line for security, ticket checks, and boarding. We felt as safe as we could possibly be, given the fact that we’re living in the midst of a pandemic. We felt no more exposed to risk than we would be on a run to the pharmacy or grocery store, where we often find ourselves shoulder to shoulder in a tight enclosed space with others. The biggest risk we face is not travel or the airport – it is contact with others. Last week, many lock down measures in Amsterdam were lifted, and we found ourselves feeling cramped and quite frankly, once again a bit unsafe. It’s as if the sun coming out and terraces re-opening signaled that the pandemic is over – which is definitely not the case. People are becoming less vigilant, masks are not worn, and the sidewalks are crowded. So we decided to leave the city and plunk ourselves in a remote spot where we could enjoy nature and the company of ourselves.This move will give us more space and an opportunity too de-stress, and we are now completely isolated in the countryside.I’m going to be honest – this pandemic has really made me reevaluate where we live and why . . . which is something I will elaborate on more another time. But let’s just say that I am a country gal at heart who ultimately loves many things about city living. However, in this time of uncertainty I was having a very strong urge to return to my country roots. My instinct was screaming for fresh air and endless skies. I have quite a few health problems that are beginning to flare up again, and we are really hoping this change will put them to rest without medical intervention.So hopefully this next month in Italy will be a chance to destress, relax, read books, chill by the pool, BBQ, drink wine, play games, go on long walks, eat fresh pasta, and enjoy mother nature. These first photos are from our arrival and our initial stroll though the neighborhood.Over the next few weeks, I will try to post more regularly. I want to share the simple pleasures that now occupy our days, even if they are small and insignificant. So prepare for an onslaught of garden and pasta photos, and I will be sharing more soon.

xo Ali





2 Replies to “Welcome to Tuscany”

    1. Hello there! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! God bless you and Kai on your adventures in Tuscany! Love you! :)


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