Pici Pasta in Siena, Italy

After a very chilled week of villa time in Tuscany, our friends Lindsay and Chris arrived in Italy!! Coming to Italy was a collective brain child amongst Kai, Chris, Lindsay, and myself – we all wanted a break from city life, and thought it would be fun to get a country house together where we could all work for a few weeks and equally enjoy some vacation time. Well, fast forward a bit and here we are, loving Tuscany in all its glory! Kai and I arrived a bit sooner, and had some time to ourselves at the villa before Chris and Lindsay finally joined us in Italy on the second week of June.On their first weekend in town, the weather was a bit questionable, so we decided to have a city day and head into Siena, the closest city, for lunch.Chris picked our lunch spot, Osteria La Sosta di Violante, and it did not disappoint. We shared some eggplant parmesan tartlets to start, which were divine. We then moved on to the pasta portion of the meal (as you do in Italy) where I had a stunning heap of pici pasta with wild boar sauce. Pici is one of Siena’s proudest contributions to the pasta-sphere. It is long, like spaghetti, but where as spaghetti is thin, pici is doughy and thick, like a delectable cloud. It is best enjoyed fresh, and my personal favorite is when paired with wild boar ragu – another one of the region’s specialties. I have had TUBS of pici on this trip, and will return to the region again and again in the future solely for this local delicacy! After our lunch, we hit the town for some exploring. I picked up a badminton set and we got some cutting boards for the villa (how can you live with only ONE cutting board?!) and we strolled around a bit before getting some gelato.I was actually in Siena last September for Chris and Lindsay’s wedding (a very late blog post I will get to in the coming months!) so this is my second time posing in this spot, six months apart, equally content with my love and a stomach full of pasta!

Although I will say, due to COVID this time around the crowds were considerably less.

We got our gelato from La Vecchia Latteria (or ‘The Old Dairy’ in English) which cracked me up, because Chris also picked and navigated us to this spot, and it was the same one we had gotten an ice cream at six months prior!!However, last time around I recall not being too impressed . . . so I am glad we went again because . . . BEST GELATO EVER! In Italy, I always get two scoops – one pistachio, which is my comparative benchmark for how good the gelato shop is, and one flavor (in this instance it was Nutella swirl!) that is a bit more adventurous to tingle the taste buds! 
Once we all had our ice creams, we walked over to the nearby square and stuck in. We finished the day with a stop at the butcher . . . followed by our first BBQ of the summer season! Can’t wait to share more Italian adventures :D
xo Ali

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