Romance in Rome

As bummed as I was to say goodbye to my family after our amazing Italy trip, I was thankful I had the opportunity to spend the long weekend with my lover in Rome :) My family left on Friday, and the following Monday was a bank holiday, which meant that when Kai flew in on Thursday night, we could spend four whole days together exploring one of my new favorite cities. Kai and I have never really been on a trip together for more than 4 nights, so I really savor these mini excursions we have together :) I spent a lot of time in my last post talking about Rome’s cultural sights, as I ticked most of the main tourist attractions off the list with my family. My time with Kai was a lot different – we didn’t buy tickets or stand in any lines, rather we walked around the city, hand in hand, eating ice cream and getting lost. We walked down small side streets that beckoned to us, and stopped for croissants and coffee when we pleased. We drank cocktails on rooftops, and rented a little buggy to pedal around in the park. That weekend in Rome was HOT (mid 80’s) so on one day we said addio to the hot streets of Rome and hit up a pool in paradise. I didn’t take as many photos, I didn’t really document the restaurants or shops we stopped at, and we spent a lot of time just enjoying each other’s company. It was truly a romantic dream weekend in Italy, and I had the best time. Continue reading


My Summer Bucket List

Have I mentioned that I’m a list freak? One of the reasons I’m an excellent Account Manager is because I’m addicted to lists. I list groceries, things I want to achieve over the weekend, chores to be done in the house, tasks I need to accomplish during the work day, deadlines, teams, dates, blog ideas, priorities . . . the list goes on ;) When Ben called off our wedding, the first thing I did was start a new list. It didn’t have a title, and I couldn’t really categorize the contents – it was a pool of thoughts and dreams and things I wanted to accomplish as new, single Ali. Make my coffee table into a fabric-covered ottoman. Drive a car through southern Italy. Swim in a tropical ocean. Perfect the drip brew. Sell my Lumix camera. Learn about the universe. Pull out my sewing machine. Ride a roller coaster. Camp and bike. Every day I look at this list, and I add to it. I might not be embracing a future with Ben, but there’s so much more in life I am looking forward to holding.

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